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A Culture of Pride and Empowerment

When high school principal Adam Jewell left a comfortable, suburban school district to take a leadership role at Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City’s inner city, he realized something was missing from the halls of his new post.

The palpable pulse of school pride.

Capitol Hill High School Football Player in front of high school

But before you understand how Principal Jewell’s guidance has helped bring pride back to The Hill, it’s important to look back to the beginning of one of OKC’s most historic schools.

Capitol Hill High School was established in 1928 in the Capitol Hill neighborhood on the south side of Oklahoma City. By the 1940’s, Capitol Hill was a sports powerhouse.

This winning tradition continued through the next several decades. Then, things began to change. The once-mighty Capitol Hill High School became known more for its dropout rates than its winning rates.

As interest in sports dwindled, so did attention to the school’s sports facilities. Fields decayed to the point that athletes refused to slide for fear the surfaces would cut their legs.

Something was missing from the halls of Capitol Hill High School – pride.

The link between sports participation and scholastic achievement is readily acknowledged. This is especially true of inner city schools.

Without sports, the requirement to remain academically eligible vanishes. Without eligibility demands, attendance drops. And when kids don’t show up for class, they don’t graduate.

When Principal Jewell took his position at Capitol Hill High School, he knew it was time to make a change.

He knew his school needed to regain its sense of pride.

He understood the power of sports to change school culture.

Capitol Hill High School Baseball Player Batting

Through a partnership with Fields & Futures, the Capitol Hill community witnessed the renovation of its softball, baseball and football/soccer practice fields.

Soon, something changed. As more kids stepped onto the fields, more kids filled the halls.

The palpable pulse of school pride came back to Capitol Hill High School, where students once again wear uniforms and jerseys with the letters CHHS emblazoned across their chests.

These kids will graduate from Capitol Hill High School. They are going to become leaders in the community.

Many of those students will wear graduation gowns, too. As graduates, they will go on to become leaders in their community, which helps build more school pride, which spills right back into the community.

A rediscovered culture of pride is changing the Capitol Hill community for the better.

There, and on the many other playing fields rehabilitated and maintained by Fields & Futures, young men and women are able to learn invaluable life lessons and receive the guidance, mentorship, and positive influences missing from their lives.


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