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A Letter From Dan Towriss

Dear Friends,

As Group1001 made plans to enter the Oklahoma market, we knew it was important to identify a cause we could support – something that would have a reaching impact and provide our company an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way.

As a believer in the power of sports to connect community and kids, with a goal of creating a better path to graduation and the life they deserve, I knew we found our cause when I saw the impact being created by Fields & Futures. Viewing youth sports and education as one of the few remaining ways we have to reach at-risk youth for lasting social change, I am confident students benefiting from this work will be the parents, employees, and business leaders we see leading this great city in the future.

As we all know, youth sport is a proven ground for academic success and instills lifelong decision-making skills, core values, and empowers developing minds and bodies to set challenging goals and pursue dreams with a higher degree of confidence and self-worth.

We are excited to share the Fields & Futures story, as well as countless others of individuals and organizations across the country who are working hard to give all children the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Daniel J. Towriss
CEO, Group1001

Inspiring Social Change

Can something as simple as rebuilding an athletic field reduce crime, prevent teen pregnancy, curb drug abuse, breathe life back into a school campus, improve graduation rates, address health issues, increase home values, give parents a reason to engage in their child’s education, and bring community back? We say yes.

Because it’s not about the field. It’s about what it represents. A safe place to play and learn important life lessons. A place to be part of something and build lifelong friendships. A place to learn what you’re all about … about who you are meant to be. Athletic fields and team sports are classrooms and leadership labs. And every child deserves the opportunity to experience it for themselves.

For three seasons and 34 episodes, Power of Sports shared thought-provoking conversations with subject-matter experts who see the positive impact sports can have on the life of a child and community.

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