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Morgan Pressel is a Legendary Leader.

Morgan Pressel had unprecedented success on the golf course at a very young age. But to assume it was all a fairy tale run to the tour is far from the truth. 

Early on, Pressel qualified for her first major golf tournament at the age of 12. Then she turned around and played in the U.S. Women’s Open at 13.

Both of those feats were records at the time. 

But just two years after setting these historic records, Morgan’s mom Kathryn died of breast cancer. Following the loss of her mother, Morgan moved to Boca Raton to live with her grandparents and polished her game at nearby St. Andrews.

Morgan Pressel appears at one of her foundation's fundraising events.

Over the course of her career, Morgan recorded 63 Top 10 finishes in golfing events as a professional.

But more importantly, the professional golfer started the Morgan Pressel Foundation to raise funding to combat breast cancer, the disease that took her mother.

Morgan devotes herself to try and fight this disease, and over the last 11 years, her foundation raised over $7.5 million dollars to aid and support patient care and research in the fight against breast cancer.

To learn more about the Morgan Pressel Foundation visit morganpresselfoundation.com

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