Power of Sports | Game Changers Part 2 - Indy Women in Tech

Indy Women in Tech

As the US struggles to close the gender gap in STEM positions, Indy Women in Tech (IWiT) leads by example.

 After the previous year’s success, The IWiT Championship returned to the Brickyard Crossing in 2019 with a renewed commitment to support and empower women in technology throughout the state of Indiana.

The IWiT Championship continues to promote its mission both financially and through the global platform of the LPGA.

A shot outside of the Indy Women in Tech Championship event.

Along with the Championship event, IWiT has numerous complimentary events taking place throughout the tournament. 

These events focus on expanding the reach of robotics programs in schools.

They also provide opportunities to expand STEM days in schools.

Most importantly, they create initiatives aimed at exposing girls to the potential of the tech industry as a career.

A young woman is shown attending and Indy Women in Tech event.

So far, IWiT is making enormous strides towards making Indy a tech hub for business and talent.

Through unique events like the IWiT Championship, IWiT is making STEM feel like a realistic option for young girls.

And with their progressive initiatives assisting women out of the workforce, IWiT makes women feel like they can contribute to society again. 

Indy Women in Tech’s mission is to inspire women and girls of all ages to pursue STEM-related employment in Indiana by introducing them to experiences and career opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as provide the necessary financial support, mentoring, training and education for tech-related careers.

To learn more about the impact Indy Women in Tech is having on the city of Indianapolis, visit https://www.indywit.com/.

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