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A Perfected Pitch

Javier Hernandez is a Dreamer, DACA recipient, and the first undocumented citizen to become an attorney in Oklahoma.

He is also a huge fútbol fan.

Growing up as an immigrant in an underserved Oklahoma City community, Hernandez was no stranger to adversity. For him, soccer provided the drive and inspiration to work towards a better life.

But even though Hernandez found a way to play the game he loved, accessibility and affordability were always an obstacle. And they always have been for underserved children in Oklahoma City.

Crumbling basketball court featured during the Power of Sports – Fútbol for All segment.

Instead of lush pitches with green grass and netted goals, young soccer enthusiasts across urban OKC have made the best of old basketball courts and empty lots with cracked asphalt and no backstops.

Despite the lack of resources, the passion for soccer in these communities has only grown stronger.

You don’t have to be a professional soccer player to be a professional.

Today, Hernandez is a voice for the community. An advocate for soccer accessibility. An attorney. An example.

When Oklahoma City Public Schools and Fields & Futures partnered to build 10 new futsal courts, Hernandez took his shot.

This is for the generations to come.

He started The Fútbol Factory OKC to spread his passion for soccer deeper into the neighborhoods he called home.

Through collaboration with Oklahoma communities, The Fútbol Factory strives to provide accessible and affordable soccer training to assist in character building and player development.

Student-athletes shown playing on their new court in the Power of Sports – Fútbol for All segment.

After years of neglect, Oklahoma City has begun to match Hernandez’s support and passion for the game.

In communities across OKC, kids from all backgrounds are finding common ground. They’re connected by a pitch, a passion, and a ball.

And, finally, they have a goal in sight.

An Oklahoma City futsal court built by Fields & Futures lit up at night

On the many playing fields rehabilitated and maintained by Fields & Futures, young men and women are able to learn invaluable life lessons and receive the guidance, mentorship, and positive influences missing from their lives.
To learn more and find out how you can help, please visit FieldsandFutures.org or email info@fieldsandfutures.org.

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