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Confidence Leads to Dominance

In 2013, Lauren Chamberlain helped lead the University of Oklahoma Softball Team to a National Championship. Two years later, she moved into first place on the all-time NCAA career home runs list. In 2015, the USSSA Pride made her the first overall pick in the National Pro Fastpitch draft.

Throughout her collegiate and professional career, Lauren was a force to be reckoned with. Many of the records she set remain today and have a chance of being there for years to come.

But before she became a model for young girls to look up to, she was a target for bullying and body-shaming.

Lauren Chamberlain in Every Body Belongs.

Lauren recounts that “it was hard to be a girl,” growing up. 

In a world where “thin is in,” Lauren struggled to find her own body confidence. She had multiple friends who suffered from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders

Softball was like my safe haven.

On the field, Lauren celebrated her strength. Her anxiety alleviated. And her spirits elevated.

With supportive teammates and coaches who invested in her personal development, Lauren discovered her swing and found her swagger. 

The girl teased in the hallways of her high school now reads her name in the halls of softball glory.

Kids coached by Lauren Chamberlain in Every Body Belongs.

Lauren recently retired from professional softball. Now, she’s shifted her focus from hitting home runs to championing a cause that hits close to home. 

On a field where every body was welcome, Lauren Chamberlain built up her self esteem. Her newfound confidence eventually led to Lauren’s legendary dirt diamond dominance.

Lauren Chamberlain in Every Body Belongs.

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