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United Through Soccer

South Bronx is a storied, poverty-stricken region of New York City’s Bronx borough. It is simultaneously condemned for its high crime and dropout rates and celebrated as the birthplace of hip-hop culture.

Nestled beneath the shadow of Yankee Stadium, South Bronx United is a youth development program that uses soccer as a tool for social change in the neighborhood it calls home.

South Bronx United soccer playing practicing with Yankee Stadium in background

Recognizing an opportunity to reach a diverse community of first-generation and immigrant kids from soccer nations, South Bronx United was founded in 2009 as a single team of 15 boys, aged 11-13.

In less than a decade, it has grown into a powerful non-profit that serves more than 1,000 boys and girls from all corners of South Bronx.

Half of all South Bronx students drop out before graduating high school.

The hook is soccer. But the goal is to create opportunities beyond the pitch.

That’s why South Bronx United requires participants to attend weekly tutoring classes if they want to see the field. It’s why staff and volunteers provide personal and educational support along with soccer training.

As a result, the kids become leaders in their school and communities.

Sometimes, they even turn into exceptional soccer players.

South Bronx United tutor and athlete

Over the last two years, South Bronx United’s impact on the community has been remarkable. 100% of high school seniors with at least one year in the program graduated from high school and were accepted into college.

Many were the first in their family with an opportunity to extend their education beyond high school.

To learn more about South Bronx United and their mission to build character, teamwork, and leadership, visit SouthBronxUnited.org

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