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Teaching the Universal Language

For Rebecca West, founder of L.E.T.S. Play, learning a second language in a typical classroom setting seemed next to impossible. At times, she found herself disinterested or unenthusiastic about her school’s foreign language curriculum.

Community Spotlight - Nashville LETS Play

While working in Chile, it was this introspection that gave West her grand idea:

She could use the world’s most popular sport to change the traditional approach to English language education.

Why don’t we use this as a classroom?

Bringing her concept back stateside, West launched L.E.T.S. Play in Nashville, where 1 in 4 students attending public school comes from a household where English isn’t the primary language.

Although these students come from various countries and backgrounds, one culturally universal activity has forged an opportunity to unite them.


Soccer is about constant communication.

L.E.T.S. (Language Education Through Sports) Play uses soccer as a means to level the English-speaking playing field. Students interact in a familiar environment while journeying their way through unfamiliar territory.

Community Spotlight - Nashville LETS Play


The pitch becomes the classroom. Worksheet exercises are replaced with passing drills. Goals are both scored and achieved.

And just how effective is this approach?

During a recent L.E.T.S. Play summer camp, some students saw a 30% increase in their English language skills – proving that sport is the universal language.

To learn how you can help support L.E.T.S. Play, visit languagethroughsports.org

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