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More Than Play

The Alamo. The River Walk. The “Pop.” For visitors to San Antonio, TX, these are among the city’s most famous attractions.

But, for elementary-aged kids who live in San Antonio’s inner city, the i play! afterchool program is way more popular.

Created by the nonprofit organization San Antonio Sports, i play! afterschool teaches sports fundamentals by providing coaching, equipment, and nutrition and character building lessons to kids from 48 inner-city schools

We know sport can transform a child’s life

The program consists of five distinct five-week sports development units. Each unit focuses on one sport and culminates in a system-wide tournament to showcase the progress the students have made.

i play! afterschool participants huddled up during a soccer game

The five sports the program offers are soccer, track, volleyball, basketball, and tennis. But i play! afterschool is not all about sports.

As an after-school program, kids are required to attend the entire day of school if they want to participate. The program also emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition to teach the kids how to stay active and healthy.

If we get them involved at a young age, that carries on with them and makes them better people.

Together, the shared focus on sports, nutrition, and accountability creates a foundation of active living and strong personal character.

i play! afterschool understands the power of sport and how it can transform a child’s life.

To learn more about San Antonio Sports and i play! afterschool, visit SanAntonioSports.org/iplayafterschool/

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