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Dream On 3

How far are you willing to go to make someone else’s dream a reality?

For the Dream On 3 organization, the lengths are yet to be determined.

But so far, the nonprofit organization has gone as far as to set up high-speed car races, helicopter rides, and one-of-a-kind, on-field experiences for children with chronic illnesses.

Noah Ballard is seen flying a helicopter thanks to Dream On 3.

Founded in 2012, Dream On 3’s mission is to make dreams come true for children with chronic illnesses, intellectual & developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions.

They achieve this by working with organizations to create experiences of joy and magic through the world of sports.

One Dream Kid who experienced his sports dream come true was Noah Ballard.

Noah Ballard is seen climbing a rock wall during the Community Spotlight - Dream On 3 segment in Season3, Show 4 of the Power of Sports.

Noah is a 9-year-old boy who lives with Achondroplasia.

This genetic disorder results in dwarfism. Although Noah is short in stature, he is a self-sufficient kid who refuses to let his condition define him.

No ask is too big.

Noah has a strong passion for baseball and in his spare time, he plays first base in a Coach Pitch league. When prompted to tell his sports dream, Noah presented a rather small task for an organization like Dream on 3.

His dream was to simply go to a Cubs game.

Noah Ballard is shown looking out on Wrigley Field during the Community Spotlight - Dream On 3 segment of Season 3, Show 4 of the Power of Sports.

Naturally, Dream On 3 helped make Noah’s dream come true. But then they took his dreams up a notch.

As Noah arrived at Wrigley Field, he didn’t just find a pair of seats waiting on him. The World Series Champion First Baseman of the Chicago Cubs, Anthony Rizoo, was there and ready to hang out with Noah in the dugout.

Noah Ballard is seen sitting beside Anthony Rizzo during the Community Spotlight - Dream On 3 segment of Season 3, Show 4 of the Power of Sports.

Experiences like Noah’s are exactly why Dream On 3 commits to the work they do.

To them, it’s more than just meet-and-greets with athletes. It’s about uplifting communities of children who struggle with terrible conditions and making them feel cherished and accomplished, if even for just a day.

To learn more about Dream On 3, visit dreamon3.org.


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