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Running for Their Lives

Known for its live music scene, tech industry, and love for local businesses, Austin, Texas is one of America’s favorite and quirkiest cities.

This allure attracts a huge population of people who dream of finding stardom and riches. Unfortunately, many find themselves broke, unemployed, or even homeless while they chase fame and fortune.

Back On My Feet is a national non-profit organization that uses the sport of running to combat homelessness, offer community support, and provides employment and housing resources.

When I needed them, they came through.

In Austin, Back on My Feet members commit to running three times a week at 5:45 A.M.

On these mornings, men and women from a diverse set of backgrounds find themselves standing on a common ground. But instead of walking a mile in each other’s shoes, they run.

And the more they run, the clearer the path that is laid out in front of them.

If you can get up at 5:30 to run, you can get up and go to work.

After 30 days in the program, members with 90% attendance earn the opportunity to move into the second phase of the program, Next Steps.

In Next Steps, members receive educational support, financial literacy, access to job training programs, employment partnership referrals, and financial aid for housing expenses.

Running feet of Back on My Feet Austin members

Across the country, more than 4,000 Back on My Feet members have crossed the finish line to find employment and housing.

But Back on My Feet knows the race doesn’t stop there. 90% of their alumni maintain employment. 60% earn wage increases.

Whether members are running for their lives or trying to chase their dreams, Back on My Feet is transforming lives one step at a time.

To learn more about Back on My Feet Austin, visit Austin.BackOnMyFeet.org

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