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Kansas City Cares

At the corner of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, Kansas City lies in a strategic position.

Poised for prosperity, the metro on the corner of the Midwest plays a central role in creating new opportunities through sports.

One program leading the way in this field is the Royalty Fields Program from Royals Charities.


Royals Charities

Founded in 2001, Royals Charities supports children, education, youth baseball and softball field renovations, and military families in and around the Kansas City area.

But through their Royalty Fields Program, their aid is able to extend into states like Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or South Dakota.

Through this initiative, Royals Charities provides financial support to help improve baseball and softball facilities throughout the Midwest region by matching grants to help renovate fields for non-profit organizations and local government units that operate baseball and/or softball programs.

And so far this program is proving to have a major impact on disadvantaged communities throughout the Midwest.

In 2019 alone, Royals Charities donated $1.5 million to 116 organizations to improve the world through sports.

Kansas City athletes are shown participating in an event hosted by Royals Charities during Season 3, Show 3 of Power of Sports.

James McGinnis

What Royals Charities contributes to Kansas City through grants and field renovations, James McGinnis dedicates with his will and strength.

In September 2014, he was given a seven percent chance of surviving an injury he suffered during a football game.

But remarkably, James was able to overcome his tragic brain injury.

Five years later and with Kansas City behind him, James is an honor roll student at Johnson County Community College.

James also continues to defy the odds of his physical limitations.

Kansas City chiefs fan James McGinnis is shown celebrating his completed chin-up challenge during Season 3, Show 3 of Power of Sports.

One unique way he shows off his progress and passion for football is through a unique tradition.

For every touchdown the Kansas City Chiefs scores over the course of their season, James does a chin-up. And with Patrick Maholmes leading an explosive offense, James faced a lofty seventy-five chin-up challenge at the end of last season.

However, just like he overcame his past hardships, James completed the chin-ups with determination and a smile on his face.

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