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Active Corporate Engagement

The relationship between sports and major corporate partners goes back decades, but a more recent trend is a partnership that uses their combined platform for good. 

We sat down with four companies that have made harnessing the power of sports part of their mission.

We asked how sports have become a key method for them to use corporate engagement to connect to, and support, communities across the country.

Gainbridge uses athletes and sponsorships to display its corporate engagement.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente teamed up with one of the NBA’s biggest stars to bring attention to mental wellness.

Since 2016, the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system has encouraged people to understand the importance of mental resilience.

Kaiser has done this all while trying to end the stigma around mental health conditions.

In the past three years, Steph Curry and Kaiser Permanente have used their platforms to try to destigmatize talking about mental health issues.

By breaking down the fourth wall, Curry and Kaiser show how even the greatest athletes are human. And as humans, they have their own mental wellness problems.



In 2014, Mastercard some extremely visual campaigns about their work with Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) across the sports landscape.

But it had been making donations years before it publicized its campaign on national television.

With its platform and the help of millions of cardholders, Mastercard has donated more than $45 million to SU2C over the last decade.

And their relationship with the MLB has only helped elevate their message and energize their services.

Gainbridge uses athletes and sponsorships to display its corporate engagement.


Anheuser-Busch has long used its ties to the Super Bowl to develop a campaign that transcends what happens on the field. 

Last year, they used their Super Bowl spot to promote a message about renewable wind energy and rethinking how we treat our planet.

And we can expect more corporate engagement from them for years to come.



Gainbridge sponsors the Indy 500 and invests in educational and sports initiatives from coast to coast. 

The group firmly believes that giving kids more exposure to sports and athletic activities can improve their social wellbeing.

And based on the initiatives they’ve both funded across cities, the results reflect this held belief.

Gainbridge uses athletes and sponsorships to display its corporate engagement.



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