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More than 70 percent of children in America participate in youth sports.

But for children diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes, the daily burden makes participation in any intense physical activity a challenge.

Since 1970, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has led the fight against Type-1 diabetes.

With supported research and results, the foundation developed technology that allows kids with Type-1 the chance to live a normal life. That includes being safely involved in sports.

Sawyer Hornung-Scherr, a beneficiary of JDRF.

The ultimate goal for JDRF is to find a cure. But their decades of work are reflected in young athletes like Sawyer.

Since the age of ten, Sawyer Hornung-Scherr’s life has revolved around the game of hockey.

But early on, Sawyer’s condition and his future as a hockey player were in doubt.

Sawyer Hornung-Scherr, a beneficiary of JDRF.

However,  a lot has changed in the medical world since that day.

Today, Sawyer heads to college to pursue a successful life in business.

And thanks to therapies funded and developed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, people like Sawyer will live longer and healthier while they await the cure.

Visit jdrf.org to learn more about the awesome work from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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